“Dream Kerala Project” launched for Keralites returning from abroad

On July 1, 2020, Kerala announced “Dream Kerala Project”. The project is being rolled out to tap potential and experience of those returning from abroad.


According to the Government of Kerala, Rs 85,000 was sent by the expatriates in 2018. This has touched now touched Rs 1 lakh crore. Their remittances in banks amount to Rs 1,69,844 crores. The state enjoys high per capita income mainly because of the remittances sent by these expatriates.

About the project

The project will aim at overseas Indians returning from abroad losing their jobs. The potential of these persons will be used by the project. The expertise, experience of these persons will help in improving the economy of the state. The state is to form a committee comprising of young civil service officers to give expert advice in implementing the scheme.

The Lok Kerala Sabha will also be an active participant in the scheme

Lok Kerala Sabha

Lok Kerala Sabha is an event launched by Kerala Government to bring all the Keralites living around the world under one platform. The Sabha aims to utilize the expertise of Non-Resident Keralites living abroad. The first Lok Kerala Sabha was held in 2018. The event is usually conducted once in two years.




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