Delhi: Survey on Pandemic impact on students

Delhi government took a decision to conduct a large-scale survey in a bid to understand the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the psychological and emotional behaviour of school children.

Key Points

  • This study will be the fourth survey in the past two years, conducted by Delhi government.
  • It will also focus on analysing the changes in parenting style, as well as psychological & emotional state of parents, since children have spent most of their time with them, during lockdown.
  • Apart from students and parents, survey will also analyse teacher’s aspect. Because, they have also witnessed many changes in their routines and teaching styles.

How will this study help the Happiness Curriculum?

Happiness Curriculum was launched by Delhi government. Such classes have played a significant role in maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing of students across government schools. This study will further help in modifying the Happiness curriculum by introducing new chapters, activities and stories. With some modification, students will be able to learn how to be stress-free in challenging situations like covid-19 pandemic.

Happiness Curriculum

Happiness Curriculum was launched in July 2018. It was launched with the objective of strengthening the foundations of happiness and well-being for all students. Under this curriculum, a 35-minute class conducted every day. Classes are conducted for all students in kindergarten to class 8 in 1,030 government schools of Delhi. The curriculum seeks to promote development in cognition, literacy, language, arts, and numeracy besides addressing the wellbeing and happiness of students.

Objective of Happiness Curriculum

The happiness Curriculum was launched with following objectives:

  1. To develop self-awareness and mindfulness
  2. To inculcate skills of critical thinking and inquire
  3. To enable learners to communicate effectively and
  4. To help learners in applying life skills to tackle stressful and conflicting situations around them.




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