China’s Baidu may launch ChatGPT – style AI Bot

The BAIDU is a Chinese-based technology company. It offers a popular search engine in China called BAIDU. (Major search engines like Google are banned in China) The company works on artificial intelligence and internet-related products. The headquarters of the company is in Beijing. The company is one of the largest AI companies in the world.  The TECH giant is now planning to develop a chatbot similar to that of ChatGPT.

What is Baidu’s plan?

The Beln Crypto report recently said that BAIDU is to launch a ChatGPT-like chatbot. Beln Crypto is one of the most popular and largest cryptocurrency news platforms in the world. BAIDU’s chat platform will have conversation-style interfaces just like ChatGPT.


BAIDU has been investing millions and millions of dollars in this AI platform. With this, the company is planning on shifting into a complete technology company and stopping all its online marketing services.


BAIDU’s chatbot is to be built on the Ernie system. ERNIE stands for Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment. It is a hardware random number generator. It was invented to be used in lotteries and casinos.


ChatGPT is a search tool that provides information on any world matter. Today it is at the peak of its success. Apart from BAIDU, other Chinese investors are also looking for ways to develop an AI chatbot just like ChatGPT.




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