Today’s GK Questions (Static GK/GS) – January 27, 2020

Here are 10 GK questions for today, January 27, 2020 for various competitive exams in India.

1. In the Junagarh inscription, which among the following Saka ruler achievements are highlighted?

[A] Moga
[B] Azes
[C] Rudraraman
[D] Nahapana

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2. Which part of the Indian constitution deals with Trade, Commerce and Inter Course within the territories of India?

[A] Part XII
[B] Part XIII
[C] Part XIV
[D] Part XV

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3. Which among the following is not correctly matched? (largest Producer states )

[A] Groundnut – Gujarat
[B] Sugarcane – Uttar Pradesh
[C] Jute – West Bengal
[D] Wheat – Punjab

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4. In which of the languages Mahatma Gandhi published newspapers with the name Harijans ?

[A] English only
[B] Hindi & English
[C] English & Gujarati
[D] English, Hindi & Gujarati

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5. SAARC Charter of Democracy was adopted at:

[A] Thimpu
[B] Dhaka
[C] kathmandu
[D] New Delhi

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6. Copper is mainly found in the form of Sulfide deposits, Carbonate deposits and Silicate deposits. Which among the following is the correct set of the copper ores in the same order respectively?

[A] Chalcopyrite, Azurite, Dioptase
[B] Azurite,Dioptase, Chalcopyrite
[C] Dioptase, Chalcopyrite, Azurite
[D] Dioptase, Azurite, Chalcopyrite

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7.  National Food Grain Movement Plan is primarily related to which among the following?

[A] Development of new seed varieties of food grains
[B] Opening food grain seeds villages
[C] Modernization of Public Distribution System
[D] All the above

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8. Normally, under the Election Commission’s norms, how far can a polling station be from your house?

[A] 1 km
[B] 2 km
[C] 3 km
[D] 4 km

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9. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)?

[A] It is a statutory body.
[B] It is a staff agency to the Prime Minister.
[C] It has been given the status of a department.
[D] It has no attached and subordinate office under it.

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10. Which of the following is used to treat Municipal water in India?

[A] Chlorine
[B] Potassium permanganate
[C] Sodium Chloride
[D] Sodium Carbonate

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