Spain passes Europe’s first menstrual paid leave law

The Government of Spain recently passed a Menstrual Paid Leave Law. According to the law, women in the country can take paid leave during their periods. Usually, employees in the country need to submit a medical certificate to take three days long leave. This condition is being relaxed. With this, Spain has become the first country in Europe to pass the law. The law exists in very few countries in the world such as Zambia, Indonesia, and Japan. In India, very few states like Kerala have passed the law. Supreme Court of India is to hear a case related to menstrual leave on February 24.

Need for the law

According to London University researchers, the pain a woman undergoes while menstruating is equal to the pain encountered by a person during heart attacks.

Menstrual Leave in India

Indian Parliament is yet to take the subject. No bills have been introduced yet at the central level. However, some private companies like BYJUS, ZOMATO, ARC, MAGZTER, GOZOOP, etc are offering menstrual leave.




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