Solidarity-2023 Border Operation

India and other members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) have extended their support to China-led initiative “Solidarity-2023”, in a bid to organise a joint border operation in 2023.


  • This was announced by Director of Border Security Force (BSF) General Pankaj Kumar Singh after concluding the eighth meeting of heads of border authorities of SCO member states.
  • This meeting was held in Delhi, under the chairmanship of India.
  • India had assumed the chair of SCO-RATS (anti-terrorist structure of the SCO) on October 28, 2021 for a one-year period.
  • Member countries also “approved” work plan of expert group of the border services of competent authorities for 2023.

India’s largest guarding force

The Border Security Force (BSF) is the largest frontier-guarding force, with about 2.65 lakh personnel in its ranks. It is primarily tasked with guarding international boundaries with Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Solidarity 2019-2021

The member states also discussed the results of joint border operation, ‘Solidarity-2019-2021′, which were carried out in 2021 by border services of competent authorities of SCO member states.  They also reviewed and approved the plan for preparations and conduct of joint border operation called “Friendship Border – 2022”.

About Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

The SCO is a security and an influential economic bloc. It has become the largest trans-regional international organisations. Members of the SCO include- Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Afghanistan is one the observer states of this bloc. It was created in 2001.

SCO-Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (SCO-RATS)

SCO-RATS is a permanent body of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). It promotes coordination and interaction between the member states of SCO, to fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism. Main functions of the body are information sharing. India, as a member, has actively participated in SCO-RATS activities. It is headquartered in Tashkent.



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