Scientists discover fifth inner core layer of the earth

The recent frequent earthquakes have helped scientists discover a new core. This fifth inner core is a solid ball of nickel and iron and is the innermost layer.

What is the new discovery?

So far scientists believed that there are only four layers in the earth. They are the outermost layer called the crust, and the middle layer called the mantle. And the innermost layer is called the core. The core is divided into two parts namely the inner core and the outer core. Recently, scientists discovered that there is another layer in the core.

About the new fifth layer

Unlike the inner core and outer core, this new fifth layer is solid. It may be 650 km in diameter. Scientists believed that the inner core of the earth is 2,440 km in diameter. It is about 70% of the moon’s size. Also, it was believed that it was the hottest and densest of all layers. However, this new layer is denser than the other two cores.

Also, scientists discovered that the inner core slowed down its spin recently with respect to the mantle. In a while, the inner core will reverse its direction of spinning. Because of these changes, there will be changes in the magnetic field of the earth.

Role of the core

The interaction between the inner and outer core creates and maintains the magnetic field of the earth. While the inner molten material solidifies, they release an immense amount of heat. This heat energy along with the convection current generated by the inner and outer core creates the magnetic field of the earth.



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