Russia suspends START, the last Nuclear Treaty

The START is a bilateral treaty signed between the US and the Soviet Union in 1991. It came into force in 1994. Under the treaty, the countries agreed to bar 6,000 nuclear warheads and 1m600 ICBMs. More than 80% of the nuclear warheads were removed in 2001 with this treaty. The treaty expired in 2009. THE NEW START Treaty was signed in 2010. This new treaty applies till 2026. Russia has now withdrawn from the treaty.

Why did Russia suspend START Treaty?

Russia-Ukraine war tension is one of the main reasons. The US is supporting Ukraine by funding the country for its war ammunition. The US has funded more than 3 billion USD so far. During his recent visit to Ukraine, Joe Biden announced 500 million USD more. Countering US actions, Russia is suspending the START Treaty.


US and Russia have been at constant war due to the differences in their ideologies. Russia follows socialism and the US follows capitalism. The differences affect their trade interests. They fight the cold war, the trade war, the space war, the proxy war, and every other war sadly. Now, they are fighting against each other placing Ukraine at the centre.

Why is the UN silent about the war?

The UNSC is dominated by USA, UK, France, China and Russia. They are permanent members. Most of the UN decisions have the influence of these countries. Now, the countries are fighting amongst themselves. And the UN says no peace negotiations are possible!



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