Quiz 609: Current Affairs for Bank PO & Bank Clerical Exams 2012

1. Who among the following is not a winner of Templeton Prize?
[A]Mother Teresa
[B]Dalai Lama
[C]Baba Amte
[D]Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Winners of Templeton Prize specific to India:
1973: Mother Teresa (Founder of India’s Missionaries of Charity, 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner)
1975: Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (Former President of India)
1990: Baba Amte (Developed modern communities for people suffering from leprosy)
2012: Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama (Buddhist spiritual leader, founder of the Mind & Life institute for research on science and Buddhism)

2. Which of the following countries have signed “Master Agreement on Extending Credit Facility in Local Currency” recently?

5 Banks of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) inked 2 pacts:-
1. Master Agreement on Extending Credit Facility in Local Currency;
2. BRICS Multilateral Letter of Credit Confirmation Facility Agreement
This is a combined attempt to address with problems of a jolting world economy hit by sovereign debt crisis in many European countries and protectionist propensities of some developed countries. The development banks of BRICS inked a master agreement on extending credit facilities in the local currency and the BRICS multilateral letter of credit con_rmation facility agreement.

3. RBI has recently revamped the “Fair Practices Code (FPC)” for which of the following companies?
[A]Scheduled Commercial Banks
[B]Non-Banking Financial Companies
[C]Foreign Exchange Traders
[D]Bancassurance Providers

Non-Banking Financial Companies

4. Which among the following country has been recently suspended from Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) after a coup?


5. Which among the following was the venue of the 2nd Nuclear Security Summit held recently?


6. Which among the following is the correct order in which popular company Apple released them?
[A]Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone
[B]Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad
[C]Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad
[D]Mac, iPad, ipod, iPhone

Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad
The Mac came first, then the iPod, the iPhone and more recently the iPad.

7. N. Chandrasekaran is the CEO of which among the following companies?


8. Kim Jong Il, who recently died was head of which among the following nations / regions?
[A]North Korea
[B]South Korea

North Korea

9. As per the recent new Financial Stability Report, which among the following is the biggest problem the banking system faced in India?
[A]Capital Adequacy norms
[B]Stringent Regulations
[C]Bad Debts
[D]Unhealthy Competition

Bad Debts
In December 2011, Reserve Bank released its new Financial Stability Report. It concludes India’s banking industry can cope with credit risk shocks. RBI’s stress test found that when bad debts were increased to 150% of their current state the system was “reasonably poised” to deal with it. Despite the good news, RBI warned that bad debt was now the biggest problem the banking system faced. According to Reserve Bank figures, the system’s gross non-performing assets ratio increased drastically from 2.3% at the end of March to 2.8% at the end of September.

10. Portion of deposits banks have to park with RBI is called ___?
[A]Statutory Reserve Ratio
[B]Capital Adequacy Ratio
[C]Cash Reserve Ratio
[D]CASA Ratio

Cash Reserve Ratio

15. What is the Capital Adequacy ratio for a new bank applying for license in India, as per the draft guidelines of RBI for issuing new bank licenses?

In August 2011, Reserve Bank has announced its draft guidelines for issuing new bank licenses. Significantly, both companies and NBFCs will be eligible to apply to set up banks. Of course, they’ll have to have a sound reputation, a minimum decade-long track record, and diversified ownership. RBI has also set a higher capital adequacy ratio of 12% for the new entrants instead of the existing 9%. What’s more, applicants will need to keep their exposure to real estate or broking to less than 10%. Finally, foreign holdings will be restricted to a maximum of 49% of the applicant (Mint)

11. Which among the following is the panel on natural resources?
[A]Ashok Chawla Committee
[B]Dharmadhikari Committee
[C]Santosh Hegde Committee
[D]None of them

Ashok Chawla Committee

12. The controversial “Good Conduct Bond” was making news recently in context with which among the following companies?
[A]Hero Honda
[B]Reliance Industries
[C]Reliance Communications
[D]Maruti – Suzuki

Maruti – Suzuki

13. Earth Hour is organized by ___?
[B]Earth Hour Foundation
[C]World Wildlife Fund
[D]United Nations Environment Programme

World Wildlife Fund
Earth Hour is organized by the WorldWildlife Fund (WWF). With almost 5 million supporters and a global network in over 100 countries/territories, it’s one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations. WWF is mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

14. Pohang Iron and Steel Company is from which among the following countries?
[A]South Korea
[B]North Korea

South Korea
POSCO (formerly Pohang Iron and Steel Company), a multinational steel-making company headquartered in Pohang, South Korea.POSCO-India Private Limited is a planned Indian subsidiary of POSCO, an integrated steel producer with headquarters in Korea.

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