Quiz 404: Constitutional Awareness for Civil Services Exam

Emergency provisions in the Indian Constitution have been borrowed from which constitution?
In context with the Preamble of India, consider the following statements?
  1. The preamble which is a part of our constitution was borrowed from constitution of USA
  2. “Unity of the Nation” was replaced by “Unity and Integrity of the nation” by 42nd amendment act 
  3. 42nd amendment inserted the words “Liberty and Equality” 
Which among the above statement is / are correct ?
Which of the following articles was inserted by an amendment of the Constitution of India to give full statehood to Mizoram?
Consider the following statements in context with the 42nd amendment of Constitution of India?
  1. 42nd amendment gave the directive principles precedence over fundamental rights wherever there was a conflict, however the subsequent amendment revoked this provision
  2. The 42nd amendment act laid down certain fundamental duties, which had to be observed by all nationals and noncompliance with them was made punishable under the law 
  3. The 42nd amendment also prevented declaration of emergency on account of internal strife and empowered for declaration of emergency only if there is an armed rebellion 
Which among the above statements are correct?
Who among the following Chief Election Commissioners of India also served as first Chief Election Commissioner in Nepal and Sudan?
In context with the political history of India, who among the following was not a Young Turk?
Which among the following appointments made by the president of India, have been the most controversial issue ever since our constitution came into force?
Who decides the number of judges in high courts?
Bring out the only incorrect statement:
Bring out the only incorrect statement:


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    Sir, for Q.13 the correct answer should be (B) Option because it deals with "anti defection provisions" for MPs and MLAs.Tenth Schedule (Articles 102 and 191) — "Anti-defection" provisions for Members of Parliament and Members of the State Legislatures (Source:Wikipedia)

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