Quiz 334: Finance, Business & Economy For Banking Examinations

The beginning of the micro finance movement in India could be traced to the self-help group (SHGs) – bank linkage programme (SBLP) started as a pilot project by National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD). In which year this pilot project had started?
The idea of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) in India was promulgated with RRB Act of 1976. In June 2004, an Advisory Committee on Flow of Credit to Agriculture and Related Activities recommended restructuring of RRBs in order to improve the operational viability of RRBs and take advantage of the economies of scale. Who among the following was the chairman of this committee?
In which year Financial Stability Forum (FSF) was established?
Which among the following is used for a situation of “Too much money chasing too few goods?
In 2001 Reserve Bank of India introduced a system of OSS for scheduled (Primary) Urban Cooperative banks. What does OSS stand for?
In which year The Payment and Settlement Systems (PSS) Act came into force?
In which of the following countries  prevalent the Pay as you earn (PAYE) , a withholding tax system?
In context of Budget, which among the following is not a Non-Plan Expenditure?


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