Quiz 298: Current Affairs : Finance, Business & Economy of India

1.After the recently concluded free trade agreement between India & ASEAN, now there are talks going on on proposed regional trade agreement in services and investment for which India is also said to be pushing for an early conclusion of the proposed agreement as per recent reports published in newspapers. Consider the following in this regard:
1. Trade Agreement in Services
2. Trade Agreement in Banking
3. Trade Agreement in Investment & Financial Segment.
In which of the above India’s stand is most reluctant?
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2 only
(C)1 & 3 only
(D)2 & 3 only
(E)all 1,2,3

2.Which among the following company is world’s largest tea producer?
(A)Tata Tea Ltd.
(B)Godrej Tea
(C)McLeod Russel
(D)Hindustan Unilever
(E)None of them

3.Which among the following decisions have been taken most recently about flying our national flag?
(A)Flag can be flown on a Top of House, Office, shops
(B)Flag can be hoisted at all days
(C)Every citizen of India can fly the national flag provided it is not insulted in any ways
(D)Flag can be hoisted in Nights
(E)None of the above

4.Which among the following explains Sukuk ?
(A)A Fighter Plane
(B)A Ship
(C)A Financial Instrument
(D)An organization of Middle east countries
(E)A place in Indonesia

5.Now a days we read in the newspapers that Reserve Bank of India is introducing a series of rollbacks since the economic environment improved. In this series RBI may tighten its monetary policy following the revival of the global economy and Indian markets. Which among the following effects will be seen on “deposit rates” if RBI tightens its policy?
(A)The deposit rates will increase
(B)The deposit rates will decrease
(C)The deposit rates will remain unaltered
(D)Either Increase or decrease
(E)Decrease sharply

6.From December 10, 2009 Reserve Bank of India has decided to reintroduce the ceiling on interest rates that Indian companies pay for external commercial borrowing and shut the special window that allowed companies to buy back foreign currency convertible bonds to reduce debt burden at the height of the global financial crisis. Which among the following is the broad idea behind this move of RBI?
(A)To signal a check on excessive inflows
(B)To signal a check on excessive outflows
(C)To attract the foreign lenders
(D)To repel the foreign lenders
(E)None of them

7.Which among the following global organizations had released a report title “[email protected] 2008” . This organization has changed its sentiment towards India in the last one year as we are least affected by the ripples of the Financial Destructions around the world?
(A)International Monetary Fund
(B)World Economic Forum
(C)World Trade Organization
(D)World Bank
(E)None of them

8.Which of the following committee in India had for the first time recommended the privatization and restructure of LIC?
(A)Malhotra Committee
(B)Narsimham Committee
(C)Raja Chelliah Committee
(D)J Reddy Committee
(E)None of them

9.Recently Government of India approved the policy for Headend-in-the-Sky (HITS) operators, a technology that will provide digitized cable content to viewers across the country. What cap has been kept on FDI in this field?

10.As per the norms and rules what fraction Ethanol has to be in proportion with petrol to be sold throughout India by all companies, except in areas like North-Eastern states and Jammu and Kashmir?

11.Which of the following bank is facing probe in Koda case?
(A)Corporation Bank
(B)Union Bank of India
(C)UCo Bank
(D)Bank of India
(E)None of them

12.In collaboration with which of the following agencies, Government of India recently launched a unique rural tourism initiative “Explore Rural India” as a sub brand of Incredible India in which 15 villages have been already included in the tourism Itinerary of foreign travelers and 135 villages are in the
(A)Pacific Asia Travel Association
(B)World Tourism Organization
(C)Indian Association of Tour Operators
(D)United Nations Development Programme

13.Many a times we read in newspapers about “China Model of Development” , however we in India follow a different path. Consider the following options A to E and bring out the one which is followed in India and not in China?
(A)Manufacturing-led economy financed mainly by portfolio and foreign direct investment
(B)Centralized system of Governance and fewer checks and balances in place.
(C)Pursuit of capitalism with a communist political system
(D)An exchange rate policy designed to promote competitiveness
(E)Reluctant liberalization with mainly domestic sources of funding

14.Many a times we read in the newspapers about “gross Budgetary Support”. Which among the following definition is nearest to the Gross Budgetary Support?
(A)value of gross revenue receipts by the government
(B)Value of total plan expenditure
(C)Fraction of total expenditure of the government on different Central sectors plans
(D)Fraction of total expenditure of the government on different Central sectors/ ministries/departments and the support to State/Union Territory Plan
(E)None of the above

15.Who among the following is the chairman of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers, who recently released first discussion paper on GST ?
(A)Pranab Mukherjee
(B)Asim Dasgupta
(D)Yashwant Sinha
(E)S.S Palanimanickam

16.Which among the following body in India takes actions against violations & irregularities in foreign currency convertible bonds?
(A)Securities and Exchange Board of India
(B)Reserve Bank of India
(C)Foreign Investment Promotion Board
(D)National Stock Exchange
(E)None of them

17.In which of the following two public sector banks in India, a post of Second Executive Director has been created recently?
(A)Canara Bank & Bank of Baroda
(B)Corporation Bank and Canara Bank
(C)Corporation Bank & Andhra Bank
(D)Andhra Bank & Indian Overseas Bank
(E)Canara Bank & Indian Overseas Bank

18.Among the four BRIC Nations, which among the following is the smallest Economy ?
(E)None of them

19.Where was held WAN Congress-2009 in India?
(B)New Delhi

20.Rajat M Nag is related to which of the following agencies?

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