Quiz 278: Current Awareness for Bank, Civil Services, State Civil Services and All Other Examinations

1.Which among the following is correct regarding Arunachal Pradesh ?
(A)Lok Sabha Seat 1 Rajya Sabha Seats 2
(B)Lok Sabha Seats 2 Rajya Sabha Seat 1
(C)Lok Sabha Seat 1 Rajya Sabha Seat 1
(D)Lok Sabha Seats 2 Rajya Sabha Seats 2
(E)Lok Sabha Seats 3 Rajya Sabha Seat 1

2.With which of the following diseases Project Kavach is related to
(E)Swine Flu

3.Recently Ibn Sina was in news. What is Ibn sina?
(A)A Machine
(B)A Robot
(C)A military Tank
(D)A Missile
(E)A submarine

4.With Which of the following sports M Vijayakrishna Memorial Cup is related to ?
(B)Table Tennis
(C)Horse Races

5.Which among the following schemes of Government of India comes under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol?
(A)National Solar Mission
(B)Bachat Lamp Yojna
C)Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
(D)Akshay-Prakash Yojna
(E)Kutir Jyoti Programme

6.At which of the following places maiden Tibet festival was celebrated in November 2009?

7.Where are the headquarters of Central Tibetan Administration ?
(C)McLeod Ganj
(E)None of them

8.”Seventeen Point Agreement ” was a turning point in the history of which of the following neighbors of India?

9.With which of the following “Swarnim Gujarat Project” is related to ?
(A)Tax Reforms
(B)Land Reforms
(C)Law Reforms
(D)Agricultural Reforms
(E)Trade Reforms

10.Recently which of the following companies has become first in India to be working with International Finance Corporation to launch ”a water footprint initiative” that will allow the company to measure its environmental and sustainability benefits and identify ways to reduce water consumption?
(A)Jain Irrigation Systems
(B)Ballarpur Industries Limited
(C)Parixit Industries Limited
(D)Om Irrigation
(E)None of them

11.Recently Human Rights Watch said “India uses misleading progress measures and in fact is falling behind other countries in meeting international commitments to improve obstetric care“. What does the Human Rights Watch mean by misleading progress measures?
(A)India has inadequate progress in the science of obstetric care
(B)India Government has shown poor performance in incentivise the women giving birth in public health facilities
(C)India lacks systemic information on whether rural clinics and district hospitals are able to provide adequate and timely care to save women with pregnancy-related complications
(D)India has no proper skilled birth attendants.
(E)None of them

12.Who among the following has won World Junior girls chess championship at Puerto Madryn in Argentina on November 3, 2009?
(A)Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi
(B)Soumya Swaminathan
(C)Tania Sachdev
(D)Dronavalli Harika
(E)Ivana Maria Furtado

13.How many places have been spotted by Federation De International Football Association (FIFA), for FIFA international Academy in India as a part of the FIFA’s Global Programme?

14.Who among the following is the Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority?
(A)Prime Minister of India
(B)General N.C. Vij
(C)General A K Kandari
(D)General Mohinder puri
(E)None of them

15.Which of the following countries gives Gwangju prize for Human Rights?
(B)South Korea
(E)North Korea

16.With which of the following diseases RTS,S is related to ?
(C)Cervical Cancer

17.In which of the following countries a 110,000-year-old putative Homo sapiens jawbone has been found recently , challenging the prevailing “out of Africa” hypothesis which holds that modern humans are the direct descendants of people who spread out of Africa to other continents around 100,000
(D)Sri Lanka

18.In how many districts NREGA was launched initially ?
(A)100 districts
(B)150 districts
(C)200 districts
(D)250 districts
(E)300 districts

19.Consider the following statements?
1. India has largest Public distribution system in the world.
2. In respect to the Food grains, The PDS works on the basis of explicit subsidy paid to Food Corporation of India
3. This subsidy is used to meet the difference between the procurement price paid by FCI to farmers and the price it sells to PDS
Which among the above statements are correct?
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2
(C)1, 2, 3
(D)2 & 3 only
(E)3 only

20.In which year Industrial Licensing was introduced in India?

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