Quick Fact Sheet : Buddhism

1. Gautam Siddhartha was the name of Buddha and he was the founder of Buddhism also known as Gautam Buddha. .
2. Gautam Buddha was born in 563 BC in Lumbini (now in Nepal) in Sakya Kshatriya clan of Kapilvastu. He died in 483 BC .
3. Siddhartha was brought up by Prajapati Gautami who was his maternal aunt and thus Buddha called Gautam.
4. The name of Mother of Siddhartha was Mahamaya
5. The name of father of Siddhartha was Sidhdhodhana
6. The name of wife of Buddha was Yashodhara
7. Alara and Udarak were the name of the teachers of Buddha.
8. He was only son of his father.
9. He left his home at the age of 29 in search of truth . This is called “Mahabhishkramana”
10. At the as of 35 Siddhartha got enlightment and after that he was known as Buddha or tathagat. He got enlightment at Uruvela on the bank of River Niranjana under a Banyan or Pipal tree which is called Bodhee Tree.
11. He gave his first sermon at the Sarnath which is known as “Dhammachakra Parivartan
12. He passed away In 483 BC under a sal tree in Kushinagar. Kushinagar was in Licchhavi Kingdom at that time.
13. His disciples include kings like Prasenjit, Bimbisara, Ajatsatru.
14. There are four noble truths of Buddhism:
a. The world is full of sorrow
b. Desire is the cause of sorrow
c. If desire is conquered all sorrow is won over
d. Desire can be conquered by following eight fold paths (Ashtangirka Marg)
15. The Eight Fold Path is as follows:
Samyak Drist : Right Understanding
Samyak Sankalpa: Right Thought
Samyak Vani: Right Speech
Samyak Karma : Right Action
Samyak Ajiv: Right Livelihood
Samyak Vyayam: Right Efforts
Samyak Smriti: Right Mindfulness
Samyak Samadhi: Right Concentration

16. Five Great Events of Buddha’s Life and their symbols
Birth – Lotus & Bull
• Great Renunciation- Horse
• Nirvana – Bodhi Tree
• First Sermon – Dharma Chakra
• Death – Stupa
17. Famous Bikshuks of Budhdhism:
• Sariputra
• Ananda
• Mahakassapa
• Annuradha
• Upali
• Rahul
18. There are three base Pillars (TriRatnas) in Budhdhism: Buddha, Dhamma , Sangha
19. Mahavir was a contemporary of Gautam Buddha.
20. Dhamma is the sermoning of Buddha
21. Sangha is the organization of the monks in Buddhism
22. There are 4 categories of Buddhism followers
23. Buddhists believe in regenerations.
24. The language of spreading Buddhism was Pali.
25. Buddha got the knowledge on Poornima day of Vaishakh month
26. Tripitak is written in Pali
27. The highest ambition of life according to Buddha is Nirvana
28. Dhammapad is known as Gita of Buddhism which is canonical text of Buddhism.
29. Anand was the dearest disciple of Buddha
30. Aswaghosa was the writer of Buddhacharita

31. Nagarjuna was a south Indian Buddhism Philosopher who spread the theory of void or Shunyata
32. Mahayanists rose in 1st century BC
33. Mahatma Buddha delivered his last sermon to Subhaksha of Kushinagar
34. There were four councils of Buddhism:
a. First Council was at Sattapani RajGriha in 483 BC just after the death of Buddha. It was presided by Mahakassapa Upali.
b. Second Council was at Chullabagga of Vaishali after one century of Buddha’s death and was presided by Sthavira. The ruler at that time was Kalashok (shishunag Dynasty)
c. Third Council was at Paaliputra around 250 BC presided by Mogaliputta Tissa under the patronage of Ashoka
d. Fourth Council was held in kundalvana of Kashmir in the 1st century AD and was presided by Vasumitra helped by Asvaghosha.
35. In the fourth council Buddhism was devided into two sects : Hinyan and Mahayan
36. China adopted Buddhism in 1st century AD
37. Milind Panho is a Buddhist Treatise.
38. The literary sources of Buddhism are : Tripitak , Sutta Pitak , Vinayapitak, Abhidhammapitak ( all were originally written in Pali)

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