Prana Vayu: Low Cost Portable Ventilator developed by IIT Roorkee

With only 40,000 ventilators in India, the demand for ventilators are increasing day by day as the number of cases of COVID-19 are increasing day by day. In order to fulfil the demands, IIT Roorkee has developed low cost portable ventilator called “Prana Vayu”.


The portable ventilators are highly suited for the modified railway coaches. So far, more than 20,000 coaches have been modified into hospital beds. With increasing demands, around 70 railway coaches are to be modified into isolation wards.

About Prana Vayu

The ventilator delivers required amount of air to the patient based on controlled operation of the prime mover. It controls the flow rates of oxygen in inhalation and exhalation lines by controlling the pressure applied. The ventilator shall be used for all age groups. The major benefit of the design is that the manufacturing time of the ventilator is minimal. The ventilator design was presented to 450 companies at the webinar organized by CII.


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