North Korea test fires anti-ship missiles

On April 14, 2020, North Korea test fired anti-ship cruise missiles as a part of military exercises. The missiles were of short range and test fired into the sea.


The missiles were test fired to celebrate the birth anniversary of Kim II Sung. He was the grand father of the current North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

About the missile

The missiles were capable of travelling 150 kilometres. According to the South Korean officials, multiple missiles were test fired. The South Korea also reports that there has been increase in the air force activities of the country lately. The missiles were fired by Sukhoi jets.


The Sukhoi are supersonic fighter jets that were invented by the Soviet Union in 1955. Indian Air Force used the Sukhoi aircrafts extensively during 1971 Pakistan war. These aircrafts are currently being used by Afghanistan, Czechoslovakia, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, India. Poland, Syria and Soviet Union.



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