NewsOnAir Radio Live-stream Global Rankings released

NewsOnAir Radio Live-stream Global Rankings was released recently ranking countries where All India Radio (AIR) live-streams on NewsOnAir app are most popular.

Key findings

  • In the ranking, Fiji has jumped from 5th position to 2nd.
  • Saudi Arabia has again made place in top 10.
  • Kuwait and Germany are new entrants.
  • France and New Zealand did not make it to top 10.
  • United States still maintains its ranking at 1.
  • All India Radio’s Telugu and Tamil live-stream services are popular in United States.
  • AIR Punjabi service is popular in United Kingdom.
  • In global rankings of top AIR streams (excluding India), AIR News 24*7 has moved one position up from 7 to 6. On the other hand, AIR Tamil has slipped from spot 6 to 10.

All India Radio (AIR)

AIR officially known as Akashvani since 1957. It is the national public radio broadcaster of India. It is a division of Prasar Bharati. AIR was established in 1936. It is a sister service of Prasar Bharati’s Doordarshan. It is headquartered in Akashvani Bhavan building in New Delhi. It also houses Drama Section, FM Section, National Service. It is also home to Indian television station Doordarshan Kendra, (Delhi). AIR is the largest radio network across the world and is one of the largest broadcasting organisations worldwide in terms of number of languages broadcast. About 240 Radio Services of All India Radio are live-streamed on Prasar Bharati’s official App, ‘NewsOnAir App’. These All-India Radio Streams on NewsOnAir App have huge number of listeners not just in India, but in more than 85 countries and 8000 cities worldwide.


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