MH60R Helicopter Successfully Lands and Takes Off from INS Kolkata

The Indian Navy recently achieved a significant milestone with its newest helicopter, the MH-60R, also known as Romeo. The helicopter successfully carried out its maiden landing and take-off from INS Kolkata, an indigenously designed and constructed destroyer. This development marks a major advancement in the navy’s anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, and surveillance capabilities.

Modernizing the Naval Helicopter Fleet

The acquisition of the MH-60R helicopters is part of the Indian Navy’s strategy to modernize its ageing naval helicopter fleet. With the delivery of three helicopters so far, the navy is well on its way to upgrading its capabilities in various operational domains. The MH-60R helicopters offer advanced features and cutting-edge technologies that will enhance the navy’s effectiveness in maritime operations.

Strengthening Naval Capabilities

The integration of MH-60R helicopters with Indian Navy warships brings a multitude of benefits. These helicopters significantly enhance the navy’s ability to counter underwater threats, monitor maritime activities, and conduct surveillance operations. The MH-60R’s versatility and advanced systems make it a valuable asset in the naval fleet.

Ongoing Procurement and Future Deliveries

While the navy has received three MH-60R helicopters, there are 21 more yet to be delivered. The procurement process for multi-role helicopters began over 17 years ago, highlighting the long-awaited modernization effort. The navy’s ongoing partnership with Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky will continue to bolster its capabilities and ensure the successful delivery of the remaining helicopters.

Armed to Protect

Equipped with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, MK 54 torpedoes, and advanced precision weapons, the MH-60R helicopters are formidable assets in combat scenarios. Their ability to operate from various naval platforms, including frigates, destroyers, and aircraft carriers, makes them a versatile and effective tool in the navy’s arsenal.



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