Riverine Based Religious Tourism Circuit

The development of the ‘Riverine Based Religious Tourism Circuit’ in Assam took a significant step forward with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between multiple organizations. The MoU was signed by the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), Sagarmala Development Corporation Limited (SDCL), Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC), and the Department of Inland Waterways Transport (DIWT).

The ‘Hop On Hop Off’ Ferry Service and Religious Sites

The ‘Riverine Based Religious Tourism Circuit’ will feature a modern ferry service known as ‘Hop On Hop Off,’ providing easy access to seven historic religious sites around Guwahati. These sites include Kamakhya, Pandunath, Ashwalknata, Doul Govinda, Umananda, Chakreshwar, and Auniati Satra. The ferry terminal will also offer a comfortable waiting lounge for passengers.

Investment and Completion Timeline

The project is estimated to require an investment of Rs 45 crores and is expected to be completed within 12 months. The execution of the project will be carried out through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to ensure effective implementation.

Contributions and Support

SDCL and IWAI will jointly contribute 55% of the project cost, demonstrating their commitment to the development of this tourism circuit. The remaining portion of the funding will be provided by ATDC. Additionally, the Department of Inland Waterways Transport (DIWT) has offered the usage of Ghats near the temples at no cost for the project.

A Boost for Tourism and Act East Policy

The development of the ‘Riverine Based Tourism Circuit’ will provide a significant boost to the tourism sector in Assam. This initiative aligns with the Act East policy of India, showcasing the region’s potential for riverine tourism.




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