Maitree – 2019: India-Thailand Military Excercise

India-Thailand Joint Military Excercise, Maitree-2019 will be held from 16-29 Sep 2019 at Foreign Training Node, Umroi (Meghalaya).

Features of Maitree 2019

Army battalions comprising 50 soldiers each from Indian Army and Royal Thailand Army (RTA) will participate in the exercise to share experience gained during various counter-terrorism operations in their respective countries.

Both India and Thailand are vulnerable due to the changing facets of global terrorism. Maitree 2019 covers company level joint training on counter-terrorism operations in the jungle and urban scenario.


Maitree, the joint Military exercise between India and Thailand began in 2006. It is held alternatively in Thailand and India since then.

The Joint Military exercise aims to enhance the level of defence co-operation between Indian Army (IA) and Royal Thailand Army (RTA) which in turn will further foster defence cooperation and bilateral relations between the two nations.

The Joint Exercise benefits both armies immensely as both armies gain insights from each other’s expertise and experience in the conduction of tactical level counter-terrorist operations. The exercise also helps in enhancing the cooperation between two armies & bonhomie between troops.

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