INS Jamuna deployed on Hydrographic Survey off coast Sri Lanka

The Indian Naval Ship (INS) Jamuna has been deployed in the shores of Sri Lanka to carry out a joint Hydrographic survey. The survey is to be conducted for 2 months time period.


India and Sri Lanka together are to carry out Hydrographic survey and also shore based survey activities for a period of 2 months. Apart from surveying, the Sri Lankan Naval Officers will be provided survey training.

Hydrographic Survey

The Hydographic survey is the measurement and study of features that affect maritime navigation. It also includes offshore oil exploration, dredging, oil drilling and other related activities. The standards and specifications to conduct the survey is released by International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). It was established in 1921. The main aim of IHO is to make sure world seas are surveyed and charted properly.

Till October 2019, IHO consists of 93 members. India is also a member.

Indian Naval Hydrographic Department

The office of the department is located in Dehradun. Currently 8 Indian Naval Ships are deployed in the hydrographic surveys. It includes INS Nirupak, INS Jamuna, INS Investigator, INS Sutlej, INS Sandhayak, INS Darshak, INS Sarvekshak


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