Indian Start-ups in WEF ‘Technological Pioneers Community’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced that 100 new start-ups have joined its Technology Pioneers Community. The start-ups are from various sectors including healthcare, financial services, metaverse, food production etc. Out of the 100, 5 start-ups are from India.

Which are the 5 Indian start-ups?

  • SmartCoin Financials: It is a tech-driven financial inclusion platform that is empowering the underserved of the country.
  • Vahan: It is building a full-stack labour marketplace that will help blue-collar workers.
  • Proeon: It is creating next-generation variants of plant proteins having superior texture, taste, and nutrition.
  • Recykal: It is the first circular economy marketplace in the whole of Asia.
  • Pandocorp: It is making the execution of the supply chain intelligent with a logistics cloud that is fast.

How will joining the community help the start-ups?

The 2022 Technology Pioneers community is bringing great changes to the various industries across the world. By joining this community, the emerging start-ups are continuing to highlight their impressive technological advancements and are also helping to build a better future for all.

Which countries have been represented for the first time?

For the first time, more than one-third of the start-ups that have been selected are being led by women. Also, in 30 countries the start-ups in the 2022 Tech Pioneers are based with Rwanda, Vietnam, and the Czech Republic being represented for the first time.

What are the Technology Pioneers of WEF?

The Technology Pioneers are an important part of the WEF’s Global Innovators community. This is an invitation-only group that consists of the most promising start-ups from across the world. The community also contribute by shaping new strategies and policies in areas like blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital assets, etc. The 2022 Technology Pioneers have brought together 100 start-ups from across the world that are pioneering various new innovations and technologies. The start-ups of 2022 will also be invited to participate in World Economic Forum events as well as workshops and high-level discussions during the two years they will be in the community.



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