‘Elisabeth Borne’: New Prime Minister of France

In France, Elisabeth Borne has been appointed as the country’s new prime minister on 16th May 2022. She becomes the second woman in the history of France to hold this post.

Who is she succeeding for this post?

Borne held the post of labour minister in the previous government of French President Emmanuel Macron. She succeeds Jean Castex after he resigned from this post.

Who was the first woman to have taken the role of the country’s Prime Minster?

The first woman who had earlier held this post was Edith Cresson. She served as the Prime Minister of the country from the year 1991 to 1992 under the then socialist president Francois Mitterrand.

Why did she face criticism as labour minister?

She faced criticism as the country’s labour minister as she implemented various changes that made it harder for the country’s jobless citizens to receive benefits and also reduced the monthly payments that were given to some unemployed people. Due to this, she faced criticism from the left as well as the workers’ unions.

Why did she face a strike from the SNCF railway company?

In the year 2018, she faced a strike from the SNCF railway company as a transport minister since she devised plans to open the country’s railway network to competition and also to end the newly-hired employees’ right to retain their jobs as well as benefits for life. She did ultimately manage to pass the said bill.

Why did Jean Castex resign from the post?

It is common in France for a president to have more than one Prime Minister during the time they have held the post. Hence, the resignation of Castex was expected after Macron was re-elected as the President of the country in April 2022.



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