Indian Rice Congress 2023

The second edition of the Indian Rice Congress was recently inaugurated by President Murmu at National Rice Research Institute at Cuttack, Odisha. The 2023 congress was held on the theme “Transforming Rice Research”. The congress focused on the global food crisis and the recent scientific developments that will help in increasing the production and yield of paddy crops.

Organizer of the congress

The ARRW located at ICAR-NRRI organized the congress. ARRW is the Association of Rice Research Workers. It was founded in 1961.


Low-income groups of India depend on rice. In fact, rice is the only source of nutrition for these groups. India is planning to bring more bio-fortified paddy crops. Recently, NRRI launched high-protein rice.

Need for the congress

The congress will serve as a common platform for international scientists to learn about the new advancements in the field of agriculture. In 2010, India produced 89 million tonnes of rice. In 2022, the production increased to 130 million tonnes. Such achievements shall be progressed and new innovations shall be adopted through the congress.

Why Cuttack?

Cuttack is called Silver city and has several heritage values. The Jagannath Temple (74 km from Cuttack), Konark city (65 km from Cuttack), Nandan Kanan National Park, Chilika lake, etc.

The Government of India is planning on promoting its tourism at every international event. For instance, the tourism ministry is presenting virtual tours of the popular tourist destinations of India to foreign delegates attending G20 meetings.




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