India-ASEAN Digital Work Plan 2023

The India-ASEAN Digital Ministers Meeting was recently held in New Delhi. It was held virtually. The theme of the meeting was “Synergy towards a Sustainable Digital Future”. The main objective of the meeting was to enhance the strength between India and ASEAN in the field of IT. To achieve this, the ministers launched a Digital Work Plan.

About the India-Asean Digital World Plan

Under the plan, the countries will work on emerging communication technology. Mainly they will focus on Artificial Intelligence and Cyber security. India will take the leading role in framing the plan and also in implementing the plan. The work plan includes the following:

  • To boost the applications in the fields such as the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence; here the countries will mainly work on smart cities.
  • To focus on standards and make sure they are in compliance with international levels
  • Security Protection
  • Digital health
  • 5G technology


India is trying to elevate its strategic partnership with India to Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. In 2022, India celebrated ASEAN India Friendship Year. India has huge plans for ASEAN. The country is trying to use the North Eastern parts as a gateway to increase its trade with ASEAN. With this, the development in the northeastern regions will also increase exponentially.



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