Hyderabad Formula E-Championship

Formula E is an electric car race. It is a championship of single-seater electric cars. It was conceived in 2011 in Paris. The championship is hosted by ABB FIA. The first Formula E championship was held in Beijing in 2014. The 2023 Formula E championship is to be held in Hyderabad.

About the Formula-E championship 2023

This is the first time the race is held in India. The electric cars will race each other near the Hussain Sagar Lake of Hyderabad. More than 22,000 spectators are expected at the championship. The top companies participating in the race are Nissan, Porsche, Jaguar, Mahindra, Maserati, McLaren, etc. The cars will reach a top speed of 320 km per hr. The companies participating in the race are releasing their third-generation electric race cars. During the race, the cars have to complete 32 laps. Each lap has 18 turns.

Electric Motorsport

Electric sports cars lost their significance due to the speeds achieved by oil-based cars. However, with the invention of lithium-ion batteries, cars have regained their significance in the 21st century. Today, electric car engine capacities are even higher than oil-based or gas-based racing cars!



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