Green Hydrogen in India

Green hydrogen refers to hydrogen produced from renewable sources such as wind and solar energy through a process called electrolysis. Green hydrogen is considered a clean and sustainable energy source that can be used in various sectors, including transportation and industry, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Due to its high economic potential and cost-effectiveness, it is expected to become a widely adopted energy source in the future.

Why is Green Hydrogen in news?

CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) and NTPC are planning to collaborate to produce green hydrogen. Also, the European Investment Bank and IREDA Ltd (state-owned entity) are exploring a partnership to finance green hydrogen projects in India.

Current Scenario of Green Hydrogen in India

India has allocated 197.44 billion USD for renewable hydrogen production. The country has set a target of producing 5 million tonnes per year. This is to be achieved by 2030. The major challenge in Green Hydrogen production is establishing electrolyser manufacturing. India is planning to bring a scheme to make this process simple. Another major challenge in setting up a hydrogen plant is the time and cost. It takes a minimum of three years to set up a hydrogen plant.

According to the S&P report, there are more than 57 renewable hydrogen projects in India now. India is to issue guidelines for Green Hydrogen subsidies. And also will soon issue tenders for electrolyzer manufacturers.

What is an electrolyzer?

It separates hydrogen and oxygen molecules. It uses electricity to break the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Why are electrolyzers expensive? The electrolyzers should keep the metals in the molten state to allow free movement of the ions. This makes them expensive.

Way Forward

India launched the National Hydrogen Mission. Under this mission, India has planned to achieve hydrogen production of 10 million tonnes per year. Also, the mission will target 10% of global trade.




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