Some Questions from Bank of India PO General Awareness Dated 24-1-2010

Our Reader Community is actively participating making this site a great source of reference. One of our reader Bhoopathi Balu has sent some questions from the Bank of India PO Examination General Awareness held on 24-1-2010. I am not framing a quiz, rather putting the questions, as sent by Balu with my answers. Balu has marked all these questions correctly.


  1. Recently Irina bokova took over as secretary general of ______?
    Irinia Bokova has been discussed in our blog many times. Recently she was in New Delhi , read here
  2. India recently bought huge amount of gold from?
    India Recently bought 200 Ton Gold from IMF. We discussed it here
  3. Recently heads of different countries met in Berlin to commemorate the 20th anniversary of ? Answer: On 9 November 2009 , Presidents of the European Commission and the European Parliament, Heads of State and Government as well as hundreds of thousands of citizens joined together to celebrate the 20 th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a unique event in contemporary history and a landmark for European integration.
  4. Dadasaheb phalke award is related to ?
    Almost all readers know about this award. Mannadey Received this award this year.
  5. Lata mangeskar recently was honoured with legion of honour from which country?
    Those who are following this site know this answer : We discussed here
  6. Term related with football?
    The answer option was Cutback . A cutback in football generally refers to a move a running back makes when a run play is designed to go one way but the back sees opportunity for gain elsewhere
  7. Cricketer who completed 17000 runs ?
    Sachin tendulkar
  8. Full form of NREGA?
    Don’t you know this. OK, Now its Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Gurantee Act
  9. Book written by Chetan bhagat?
    Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT , One Night @ the Call Center, The Three Mistakes of My Life and 2 States – The Story Of My Marriage
    Check This
  10. Dorjee khandu is the chief minister of?
    Arunachal Pradesh . We discussed asembly elections here
  11. 3rd largest steel producing country?
    It India.
  12. One basis point is equal to? One basis point is 100th part of a given rate. For example the given rate of SLR was raised by 100 basis points , so it was made 24 % to 25%.
  13. Foreign trade policy is related to (Asking for Ministry?
    Ministry of trade and commerce.
  14. Which Indian state set up the first e-court?
    It is Gujarat High Court, we discussed it in our blog.
  15. NTPC is about to acquire coal fields in which country?
    The answer is Indonesia , I hope Mozambique was not an option.
  16. Nepal PM immediately prior to Madhav Kumar Nepal?
    Most of you must have done this question right. He was Pushpa Kamal Dahal(Prachanda)
  17. Miss earth 2009?
    Larissa Ramos
  18. CHOGM summit was held at?
    Ya , it was in Trinidad and Tobago & Our PM took part in this.
  19. Which of the following is not a food crop?
    jute (Easy one)
  20. Venue of 2009 WTO ministerial meeting?
    It was in Geneva. It was Seventh Session of the WTO Ministerial Conference that took place from 30 November to 2 December 2009



  • the Y

    This is just the beginning. Soon you will cover 80% of all the GK questions of all the exams…

    In fact…i m sure at this rate, even the question setters will come to your site to look for the right questions :)

    Keep the good work up…

    Your answers site has the potential to become the wikipedia of competitive exams!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sir

    I think the answer for this question:

    Indian state to set-up the first e-court is???

    A)Delhi (Set up on 16th Dec 2009)

    Kindly chk out & let us know.


  • Admin

    Ya, It was published in some newspapers but please check this link

  • Anonymous

    yes sir even i think sri ram is right even i read in a competition sucess edition first ecourt is not in gujrath its in delhi please do clarify it ……………


  • Admin

    Please note that on Feb.8, 2009 The Gujarat High Court became the first court in the country to implement a model e-court project to reduce existing bottlenecks in the system. The pilot project was inaugurated by Chief Justice of India K. G. Balakrishnan. The project will provide tamper proof, authenticated audio-video recording of courtroom proceedings along with multipoint video conferencing facilities between the courtroom, central jail, the police commissioner's office and the forensic science laboratory.

    Of course in December 2009, we all read the news that Delhi gets first e-court,

    But please read the Title of the News in this Hindu News:
    Delhi High Court gets its first e-court
    Staff Reporter
    NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Tuesday crossed a new milestone in its march to make its proceedings transparent, easier and faster for litigants with the inauguration of the first e-court.
    If you check the above two news on various online sources you will find that there was a gap of 7 months, in Gujarat Highcourt and Delhi High court.
    Hindu does not say, about Delhi that it is India's first e-court. However when I checked Hindu archives, It says Gujarat Highcourt as India's First model e-court

    You may please Click Here for further reading.

  • Anonymous

    Sir i have about CHOGM summit ,leaders from 51 countries met for 3 day summit on 27-11-09 and it was at Port of spain .Sir posted it was at Trinidad and Tobago & Our PM took part in this meeting . Sir please clarify this doubt

  • Admin

    Port of Spain is capital of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

  • Santosh Naidu

    Hi bhupathi, it is really good work from u. please do continue to help our site visitors to aspire a bright position.

  • Ram

    please check the DADA SAHIB PHALKE AWARD,it is given to v k murty in cinematography
    please do check it sir

  • Admin

    Yes , you are right Ram. But he has been awareded just now . 19. jan 2010 for 2008

  • Rakesh

    I have Also give the bank of india po exam on 24.01.10.

    1. one of the question is about Sub-prime Crisis.
    2. who is the largest oil and gas producing company in india?
    3. many times we read in some financial news papers/magzine about the derivative.what does it mean?

  • Anonymous

    some more questions from bank of india exam held on 24-01-10
    1)If foreign inward remittances increase,what happens ?
    (1)RBI’s Monetary management becomes difficult
    (2)Asset bubbles get created,inflation goes up
    (3)Competitiveness of exporters decreases.
    Answer-all the three..
    2)To which country did India exported the maximum in 2009 ?
    3)Which Sector had the maximum growth in 2009 ?
    4)Which Industry has the maximum weightage in IIP (Index of Industrial Production )
    5)Association of South East Asian Nations is?
    6)The market where long term purchase of stocks and bonds takes place is ?
    7)Fiscal deficit target for the year 2010-11 ?
    8)Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana . What is the key objective ?
    9)New Pension scheme is applicable to those in the age group of ?
    10)Who has the authority to levy Service tax ?

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    Whether India is 3rd largest/4th largest steel production country? i have doubt in that…Plz clarify it.