GK & Current Affairs: July 12, 2013

1. Recently, Sunil Gavaskar became the fourth Indian cricketer to be inducted into the Legend’s Club at the Cricket Club of India. Who among the following is not among the rest of the three Indian cricketers?
[A]Kapil Dev
[B]Vijay Merchant
[C]Vijay Hazare
[D]Vinoo Mankad

Kapil Dev
Legend’s Club at the Cricket Club of India is a brainchild of Late BCCI president Raj Singh Dungarpur. It was started in 2003, with the intention of celebrating the careers of some of the greats of Indian cricket. The other three include Vijay Merchant, Vijay Hazare and Vinoo Mankad.

2. With reference to the Great Indian Bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps), which among the following statements is not correct?
[A]It is found in abundance in Eastern and Western Himalayas
[B]It is one of the heaviest of the flying birds in India
[C]As per IUCN, it is a Critically Endangered Bird
[D]All the above statements are correct

Statement A is incorrect
The Great Indian Bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps) is a large bird that was once abundant on dry plains, over large expanses of grassland and scrub. Weighing upto 15kg, the Bustard is among the heaviest of the flying birds in India. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recognised the bird as being critically endangered, with a 2011 estimate putting the total number of mature individuals at 250.

3. The BSNL has announced that it will close down the Telegram service from July 15, 2013, thus Telegraph becoming a thing of past. In which year, first Telegram was sent in India?

In 1850, the first experimental electric telegraph line was started between Calcutta and Diamond Harbour. In 1851, it was opened for the use of the British East India Company.

4. With reference to various practices during the holy month of Ramzan (Ramadan), the ‘Tarawih’ refers to __:

A prayer called ‘tahajud’ is performed in the wee hours before sehri, the pre-dawn light meal. A nocturnal namaz ‘Tarawih’, where a hafiz who has memorized the Quran leads the prayer, is exclusive to Ramzan.

5. Which among the following seas is not in Pacific Ocean?
[A]Philippine Sea
[B]Sea of Okhotsk
[C]Ross Sea
[D]Yellow Sea

Ross Sea
Ross Sea is a deep bay of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica between Victoria Land and Marie Byrd Land.

6. India’s Shiva Thapa is related to which among the following sports / games?

Shiva Thapa reaffirmed his status as the rising star of Indian boxing as he became the youngest pugilist to clinch a gold medal in the 56 kg category at the Asian Championships in Amman, Jordan recently.

7. Which among the following types of Polio was the last to be eradicated from India?
[D]None of them

Type-1 Polio was the last to be eradicated from India.

8. Consider the following:
1. Supreme Court
2. High Court
3. Subordinate Jury
Which among the above come under the purview of the Right to Information (RTI) act?
[A]Only 3
[B]Only 2 & 3
[C]1, 2 & 3

1, 2 & 3
SC and HC are also covered under RTI along with subordinate judiciary.

9. Which among the following rivers rise from Amarkantak in Madhya Pradesh?
1. Narmada River
2. Son River
3. Tapti River
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:
[A]Only 1
[B]Only 1 & 2
[C]Only 2 & 3
[D]1, 2 & 3

Only 1 & 2

10. The term “Churia hills” refers to ___:
[A]Aravalli Hills
[B]Shivalik Hills
[C]Patkai Hills
[D]Western Ghats

Shivalik Hills

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