GK & Current Affairs: August 8, 2013

1. The proposed “National Urban Livelihoods Mission”, would replace which of the following existing schemes?
[A]Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozagar Yojana
[B]Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission
[C]Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme
[D]Nehru Rozgar Yojana

Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozagar Yojana
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation has proposed to launch a “National Urban Livelihoods Mission” in 12th five year plan, which will replace the existing Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY). The NULM would focus on organizing urban poor in self help group, creating opportunities for skill development leading to market-based employment and helping them to set up self-employment ventures by ensuring easy access to credit.

2. What is the name of NASA next mission on Mars, which would be launched in November, 2013?

The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission, set to launch in 2013, will explore the planet’s upper atmosphere, ionosphere and interactions with the sun and solar wind.

3. “Green Card” refers to an immigration process of becoming a permanent resident of which country?
[A]United Kingdom
[D]United States

United States
Green Card is the informal name for an ID card attesting to the permanent resident status of an immigrant in the United States.

4. Recently (August, 2013), which of the following nations has unveiled “Izumo’’, the largest warship after World War II?

Japan unveiled its largest warship since World War II, an 820 foot-long, 19,500 ton flattop capable carrying 14 helicopters. The Ship named “Izumo’’, is classified as a helicopter destroyer, though its flattop design makes it look like an aircraft carrier.

5. Till date, how many Prime Ministers of India got defeated in no-confidence motion against them?

We have had three Prime Ministers till date who got defeated in no-confidence motion against them. They have been namely: V P Singh, Deve Gowda and A B Vajapayee.

6. In which of the following states, Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project is located?
[A]Tamil Nadu
[B]Madhya Pradesh
[C]West Bengal

Madhya Pradesh
Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project is a 3,960 MW pit-head coal based power plant in Madhya Pradesh. The project is the first domestic coal-based Ultra Mega Power Project awarded in the country by the Government of India.

7. According to Forbes, who among the followings has topped the Forbes List of Top Paid Female Athlete?
[A]Saina Nehwal
[B]Sania Mirza
[C]Maria Sharapova
[D]Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova
Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova topped Forbes 2012 list of the highest paid female athletes for the ninth consecutive year. Serena Williams, Li Na and Victoria Azarenka round at the top four, and tennis players occupy seven of the top nine spots overall.

8. In context to India’s defence system, Pinaka is a____?
[A]Air-to-Air Missile
[B]Multiple Rocket Launcher
[C]Light Combat Vehicle
[D]Surface-to-air Missile

Multiple Rocket Launcher
Pinaka is a multiple rocket launcher developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the Indian Army. The system has a maximum range of 39-40 km and can fire a salvo of 12 HE rockets in 44 seconds, neutralizing a target area of 3.9 km².

9. According to the Census 2011, which one of the following Indian states has the maximum rural population?
[B]Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh
As per the statistics of Census 2011, the maximum number of people living in rural areas in particular state is 15.5 crore in Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai tops the list having the maximum number of people living in urban areas at five crore.

10. The term “Green Gold” generally refers to which among the following crops?
[A]Sugar Cane
[D]Green Pepper

Bamboo is also known as Green Gold.

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