Exercise Jal Rahat

The Indian Army’s Gajraj Corps, in collaboration with various disaster management groups, recently conducted a joint flood relief drill called ‘Exercise Jal Rahat.’ The drill took place at Hagrama Bridge on the Manas River in Assam, aiming to enhance flood relief preparedness ahead of the monsoon season. The exercise emphasized coordination among multiple agencies and focused on efficient rescue operations and the utilization of innovative strategies.

Boosting Preparedness and Multi-Agency Coordination

Exercise Jal Rahat aimed to strengthen the preparedness of flood relief efforts. Recognizing the challenges posed by monsoon floods, the drill focused on improving coordination between different organizations involved in disaster response. Alongside the Indian Army’s Gajraj Corps, personnel from Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB), National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), and police representatives participated in the exercise.

Coordination and Rehearsals for Rescue Missions

A key aspect of the drill was the coordination and rehearsals conducted for rescue missions. Specialist teams played a crucial role in executing rescue operations and evacuating people from inundated areas. The exercise aimed to fine-tune the communication and cooperation between these teams, ensuring smooth and efficient rescue efforts during floods.

Utilization of Local Resources

Another important focus of Exercise Jal Rahat was the demonstration of innovative expedients and the utilization of local resources in flood relief operations. Teams from the Indian Army and Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) showcased the effective use of local materials and resources during calamities. This approach not only ensures optimal utilization of available resources but also promotes self-sufficiency and resilience in disaster response.

Enhancing Effectiveness and Preparedness

By conducting joint drills like Exercise Jal Rahat, the participating organizations aim to enhance their effectiveness and preparedness for flood-related emergencies. Such exercises provide an opportunity for agencies to synchronize their efforts, share best practices, and address any gaps in coordination. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure a well-coordinated and swift response to mitigate the impact of floods and safeguard the affected communities.




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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho

    May 17, 2023 at 2:08 pm

    ‘Exercise Jal Rahat’ is a fine initiative. Life is a precious gift. Saving life is a mission second to none.


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