e-Sanjeevani Tele-consultation Facility

In the country, at 1 lakh Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centres (AB-HWCs) teleconsultation facility began on 16th April 2022. This facility has been launched with the aim of helping the people living in remote villages in the country receive medical advice from various health experts.


  • e-Sanjeevani has been providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to the people of the country.
  • The benefits of e-Sanjeevani have been recognized and this led to an increase in this form of seeking health services.
  • In the country, around 1,17,440 AB-HWCs had been operationalized.
  • So that the telemedicine services can reach a large number of people, with 3.74 lakh Common Service Centers (CSCs) the e-Sanjeevani application has been integrated.

About e-Sanjeevani

It is a scheme of the government that offers the citizens of the country with online OPD doctor consultations. In November 2019, this scheme was launched and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is running it. It is also known as the National Teleconsultation Service and it was launched with the aim of providing healthcare services to the patients in their respective homes. Under this platform, 56,994 doctors have been registered so that they can provide teleconsultation services. Till, 31st January 2022, about 2.33 Cr consultations have been provided through this platform.



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