DGCA: Domestic Air Traffic increases in India

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation releases reports on all Indian carriers on monthly basis. According to the recently released report of January 2023, air traffic has increased significantly. As compared to 2022, the growth of air traffic has increased by 95%. More than 12.5 million passengers travelled in January 2023. In January 2022, the Omicron wave affected air traffic. Only 6.4 million passengers used air transport in 202.

Current Status of the Airlines in the country

  • IndiGo is the largest airliner in the country. However, the market value of the airlines has been decreasing in recent times
  • The Air-India was the second largest airline. It holds 9.2% of air traffic in the country. Under the reigns of TATA, Air India has set a target to conquer 30% of the air travel market
  • Vistara was the third largest airline in the country. VISTARA is a joint venture of TATA and Singapore Airlines
  • AKASA is a new arrival. It started its operation in August 2022. The Airline has 2.8% of the market share

Performance of the Airlines

INDIGO was the most punctual airline in the country. AKASA was the second most punctual. VISTARA, AIR INDIA, AIR ASIA, and SPICE JET were the least punctual airlines.



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