Integration of Gati Shakti master plan with geospatial maps

Recently, Union Minister Piyush Goyal announced that the Pradhan Mantri Gati Shakti National Master Plan will now be linked to geospatial maps to prevent unnecessary cost escalation.

Key Points

This linking will help in developing future infrastructure in a planned manner, curbing cost escalation and saving taxpayers money, besides enhancing India’s cost competitiveness.

As of now 1,000 geospatial maps have been formed for forests, wildlife sanctuaries, highways and railway infrastructure, power plants and industrial zones in India. For example during the construction of an overbridge, diverting routes if a forest or wildlife sanctuary comes in the way, so it will help to figuring out how to construct a bridge with the smallest length for a river, etc.

About Gati Shakti Platform

Gati Shakti platform was launched to provide information instantaneously. It will allow for better coordination among ministries. Gati Shakti Scheme was launched with the aim of achieving three basic goals namely,

  1. Seamless multimodal connectivity for facilitating easy movement of goods & people,
  2. Improved prioritisation, optimal usage of resources, timely creation of capacities, and
  3. Resolution of issues like disjointed planning, standardisation & clearances.

Aim of the Master Plan

  • This Master Plan will provide a framework for ‘National Infrastructure Pipeline program’.
  • The plan also aims to make Indian products more competitive by cutting down their logistics costs and improving supply chains. It also aims to give a foundation for holistic infrastructure and an integrated pathway for the economy.
  • It will help the local manufacturers of India in turning globally competitive.
  • Apart from that, this scheme of worth over one hundred lakh crore rupees will create employment opportunities for the youth.
  • It seeks to attract investment from worldwide to improve the infrastructure in India and will provide new direction & fresh momentum for overall infrastructure development in India.

Significance of the Plan

It is a seamless multi-modal connectivity platform and will ensure seamless movement of goods & people and will enhance ease of living & ease of doing business.



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