Delhi Police Statistics on Crime

Over 15 percent rise in crime has been recorded in Delhi in 2021 as compared to 2020. This increase in the rate has been attributed to less number of cases lodged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rakesh Asthana is the police commissioner of Delhi.


  • In 2021, 3,06,389 cases were reported while in 2020 it was 2,66,070 cases.
  • In 2021, 5,740 heinous crime cases while in 2020 it was 5,413.
  • Under ‘other IPC sections’ (robbery, theft, burglary) 2,87,563 cases were registered last year.
  • Also last year, under ‘total IPC’ (theft and heinous) 2,93,303 cases were registered while under ‘local and special laws’ (NDPS, arms-related crime,) 13,086 cases were lodged.
  • In 2021, around 70 percent of all the crimes that were reported were robbery, burglary, and theft.
  • In 2021 9,383 cases of snatching were reported while in 2020 it was 7,965, an increase of 15 percent. 13 percent rise was also recorded in arrests related to snatching cases.
  • In 2021, a 17 percent increase in arrest was recorded as compared to 2020.
  • 1,47,115 arrests were made in 2021 whereas in 2020 it was 1,25,986.
  • There was a 3 percent decrease in murder cases to 459 in 2021 from 472 in 2020.
  • 1,050 people were arrested in murder case connections whereas in 2020 it was 1,015.
  • There was a 35 percent increase in an attempt to murder cases from 485 in 2020 to 655 in 2021. 1,629 people were arrested related to these cases which is 45 percent higher than in 2020 in which 1,126 arrests were done.
  • 17 cases of ransom-related kidnapping occurred in 2021 and all of them were solved whereas in 2020 it was 11 cases that were also solved.
  • 87 percent of extortion cases were solved in 2021 with 170 cases lodged. In 2020, 120 cases were lodged.
  • In an attempt to murder, murder, and robbery/dacoity cases, firearms usage went down by nine percent.
  • In 2021 there was a 9 percent increase in crimes committed against senior citizens and 41,113 such cases were registered.
  • In 2021, 15,146 PCR calls were received and for dacoity and robbery 2,359 cases were lodged. In 2020, PCR calls received were 11,790 and cases were 1,972.
  • 21 major gangs who were active in the outlying districts of the nation’s capital were identified and 7 dreaded criminals were neutralized.

Strategies adopted by the Delhi Police

Delhi Police adapted 3 strategies to control crime in the city. They are proactive policing, tactical analysis, and comprehensive action.




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