Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle at Vizag

The Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) was inaugurated at the Vishakhapatnam Complex.


The DSRV has been designed in such a way that the system can be quickly be mobilized in road or air. This is being done to facilitate submarine rescue operations even in far away locations.

The vehicle System consists of Submarine rescue Vessel, a side scan sonar equipment, remote operation vehicle. The vehicle also consists of Diver Decompression Chambers, hyperbaric medical equipment.

India’s position

There are only 40 countries in the world that operate submarines. Out of these, a few have submarine rescue capabilities. India is one among the few. Some of the other countries that possess the vehicle system includes China, Italy, Sweden, UK, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore and USA. France, UK and Norway share the NATO Submarine System Programme.

The Indian Navy has so far inducted two such systems that will provide rescue cover to the submarines that are deployed in the east and west coast of India.


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