Data Centre Q1 2023 Report

The Asia-Pacific region is witnessing a remarkable surge in data centre markets, with several cities emerging as key players in this rapidly evolving sector. Knight Frank, an international property consultant, recently released its ‘Data Centre Q1 2023’ report in partnership with DC Byte, a leading data centre research and analytics platform.

Top Data Centre Markets in the Asia-Pacific Region

Based on the findings of Knight Frank’s report, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Mumbai have emerged as the leading data center markets in the Asia-Pacific region. These cities have demonstrated significant potential and growth, solidifying their positions as key players in the industry.

Shanghai’s Impressive Capacity

Shanghai, a bustling metropolis in China, boasts an impressive data centre capacity of 2,692 megawatts (MW). With its robust infrastructure and technological advancements, Shanghai has positioned itself as a major hub for data centre operations, attracting investments and establishing a strong foothold in the market.

Knight Frank’s Data Centre Q1 2023 Report

Knight Frank, a renowned international property consultant, released the ‘Data Centre Q1 2023’ report, providing valuable insights into the data centre landscape in the Asia-Pacific region. This report serves as a comprehensive guide for industry professionals, investors, and stakeholders interested in the region’s data centre market.

Partnership with DC Byte

Knight Frank collaborated with DC Byte, a leading data centre research and analytics platform, to compile and analyze the data presented in the report. This partnership ensured the utilization of reliable data and industry expertise, enhancing the report’s credibility and accuracy.

Focus on Rapidly Emerging Markets

The ‘Data Centre Q1 2023’ report focuses on nine rapidly emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo are highlighted as key cities experiencing significant growth in the data centre sector.

Cities with High Live Capacity

Cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong have been recognized for having a substantial portion of their capacity in the operational stage. This indicates a greater level of commissioning and demand, reflecting the maturity and active utilization of data centre infrastructure in these locations.

Mumbai’s Milestone Expansion

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, stands out as a standout growth story in the ‘Data Centre Q1 2023’ report. The city’s data centre market has surpassed the significant milestone of 2,000 MW in total capacity expansion. It showcases the rapid development and increasing demand for data centre services in Mumbai.

Operational, Under Construction, and Early Stage Capacities

Knight Frank’s report provides a breakdown of Mumbai’s data centre market capacities. The live capacity, which represents the operational capacity, is stated as 270 MW. The under construction capacity stands at 188 MW, while the early stage capacity reaches an impressive 1,272 MW. These figures signify the robust growth and potential for further expansion in Mumbai’s data centre market.



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