BIMARU States Acronym

BIMARU is an acronym for the states BI: Bihar; MA: MP, R: Rajasthan, and U: UP. The acronym was formed by Ashish Bose, an economist from the 1980s. BIMARU (Bimar) in Hindi means sick. The economist framed the acronym to stress the fact that the poor economic conditions of these four states are affecting the overall GDP growth of India. During the Investors Summit conducted in UP, PM Modi recalled the term.

Who coined “BIMARU”?

Ashish Bose. He was an economist and a demographer. Demographers are persons who study the changes happening in the economy due to population increase or decrease. In these four states, the population increased tremendously. According to Bose, these four states are economically backward in terms of health care, education, and other developmental activities mainly due to population explosion.

What is the issue?

The Total Fertility Rate in these states is 2.1. The TFR is the number of children a woman produces in her lifetime. Yet, family planning was not as efficient as in the southern states.

Role of BIMARU states in a population explosion

India is to beat China in population very soon and will become the most populous country in the world. These four states have a major role in making India the most populous. They account for 41% of the total Indian population! By 2026, they will account for 43.5%.



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