Kerala Stipend Scheme for Junior Lawyers

The Chief Minister of Kerala recently launched the Stipend scheme for lawyers in the state. The scheme is to be implemented by the Bar Council of the state. The council will be joined by the Advocates Welfare Trust. Under the scheme, the junior lawyers in the state will be paid three thousand rupees every month.


Only junior lawyers are eligible to receive the benefits of the scheme. Also, the lawyers should have at least three years of practice experience. Their annual income should be less than one lakh rupees.

Need of the scheme

Junior lawyers are law graduates who work under attorneys or legal associates. They mostly do the documenting work in a case. They do research and prepare notes for their seniors. He is mostly a helping hand. The payment received by the junior lawyers is very less. Apart from this, the training they receive is also very less. After legal education, it is essential for every lawyer to get trained under a senior to learn practical experiences. Rather than five years of study, this training period is crucial to them. However, they struggle financially as all the seniors do not pay enough.  Thus, Kerala Government has launched this scheme to help the junior during their struggle period.




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