Daily Current Affairs Quiz: January 23, 2024

1. What is the primary objective of the Strategic Interventions for Green Hydrogen Transition (SIGHT) Programme, which has recently been in the news?

[A] Promoting renewable energy sources
[B] Green hydrogen production
[C] Supporting nuclear energy initiatives
[D] Advancing carbon capture technologies

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2. What is the IUCN status of ‘Great Indian Bustard’ recently seen in the news?

[A] Critically endangered
[B] Endangered
[C] Vulnerable
[D] Least concern

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3. Where was the 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit held?

[A] Brazil
[B] Delhi
[C] Kampala
[D] Ghana

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4. Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD), that was recently in news, comes under which ministry?

[A] Ministry of Home Affairs
[B] Ministry of Defence
[C] Ministry of Finance
[D] Ministry of Corporate Affairs

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5. Which one of the following is the highest point of the Aravalli Range?

[A] Guru Shikhar
[B] Jharol
[C] Achalgarh
[D] Gogunda

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