US backs Sharif: Pakistan political crisis

US State department’s deputy spokesperson has expressed concern over the political developments in Pakistan especially after the extended unrest spurred by the anti-government protestors led by Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and Canada-based cleric Tahir ul Qadri of Pakistan Awami League. The two leaders have masterminded a coup on the pretext of some irregularities that happened during the elections. Both the leaders had termed the elections as fake and fraud.
It was later disclosed by some factions of latter’s own party that Khan had planned the same with the support of the military. The PM Nawaz Sharif however had strongly resisted a strong threat to his government by refusing to step down and not even going on an extended leave. He had also proposed to talk to the protesting factions. The talks which were held twice failed as the protestors were not stopping on anything short of resignation by the PM and the demand of fresh elections.
US authorities have asked all the political parties in Pakistan to solve their differences peacefully and amicably. The Nawaz Sharif government which has come to power after a thorough democratic process needs to be respected and served a legible chance to work for the welfare of the nation. The spokesperson reiterated the fact that they have been constantly observing the developments in Islamabad.
We’ve consistently said that the US encourages all the parties to work together to resolve their differences through dialogue also, though, oppose any efforts to impose extra-constitutional change to the democratic system,” Harf said.



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