UK offers 'VIP visas' for top business executives

The UK Government has launched a new VIP visa system for international business leaders with the objective to make it expeditious and easier for them to organise entry to the UK.
The new VIP visa system, announced as the “Great” club, will be invitation-only and is designed to benefit around 100 of the wealthiest magnates with the strongest links to the UK. These tycoons will get custom-made support from the UK Visas and Immigration agency, including a dedicated account manager whose will ensure their passage through the system is quick and easy.
The scheme will initially be run on a pilot basis for a 12-month period, starting in 2014.  The Home Office has also announced a number of other schemes to encourage business visitors to come to the UK, including expanding the priority visa service from 67 countries to over 90 countries by spring 2014.

Upcoming UK visa services in India:

The UK Government is already running a same-day visa service in India and it will soon be started in China.  It will launch a mobile visa service enabling VIPs to have their biometric data and photo taken at their place of work, along with a pilot scheme allowing applicants to retain their passport while their application is considered.



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