TGC sequences genomes of domesticated tomato & its wild ancestor

TGC: Tomato Genome Consortium

TGC has sequenced the genomes of the domesticated tomato and its wild ancestor, ‘Solanum pimpinellifolium’.

How this sequencing can benefit us?

The genome sequencing will:

  • Lower costs and speed up efforts to improve the worldwide tomato production
  • Make it more potent to fight pests & pathogens,
  • Increase its endurance to drought and diseases affecting the vegetable

About Tomato Genome Consortium:

  • Tomato Genome Consortium (TGC) is a group of more than 300 scientists from 14 countries- India,UK, US,China, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, Italy, Korea, Spain, Argentina,and the Netherlands. The group came into existence during a scientific conference organized in 2003 in Washington, DC.



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