Pakistan tops in 2016 Malware Infection Index

Pakistan has topped in the list of 19 countries figuring in the 2016 Malware Infection Index (MII) in the Asia-Pacific region.
The index for the Asia-Pacific region was released by technology giant Microsoft in which India was placed at 8th position.
Key Facts

  • The index identifies the key malware threats in the Asia-Pacific region and ranks markets in Asia-Pacific according to how much they are affected.
  • More than 40% of computers in the 19 countries in Asia-Pacific region are infected against the global average being around 20%.
  • Top 10 Countries: Pakistan (1st), Indonesia (2nd), Bangladesh (3rd), Nepal (4th), Vietnam (5th), Philippines (6th),Cambodia (7th), India (8th), Sri Lanka (9th) and Thailand (10th).
  • The index has also identified the top three most encountered malware in this region. They are Gamarue, a malicious computer worm that is commonly distributed via exploit kits and social engineering.
  • Gamarue was prevalent in the ASEAN region and it was the third most commonly encountered malware family worldwide in 2H 2015.
  • Trojans Skeeyah and These trojans can steal personal information, give hackers access to your PC or download more malware.
  • The findings in the index were based on data from the Microsoft Malware Protection Centre (MMPC) and the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIRv20).




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