Pakistan, Russia ink landmark defence deal

Pakistan and Russia have signed a landmark defence deal including the sale of 4 advance Mi-35 ‘Hind E’ combat helicopters to Pakistan.
The agreement was signed by top defence officials from both countries in Rawalpindi as per negotiations for the deal which had taken place in 2014.
Earlier in November 2014, both countries had signed a bilateral defence cooperation agreement to strengthen military-to-military relations between them.

Mi-35 ‘Hind E’ attack helicopters

The Mi-35 helicopter is modernised version of the Mi-24 combat helicopter. It has new advanced onboard equipment and avionics. It is also incorporated with more powerful engine and a different tail rotor.
Currently, Pakistan has a number of ‘Mi-17’ combat helicopters. These combat helicopters were delivered to Pakistan by US in order to assist them to fight against growing militancy as part of its special defence package.



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