October Big Day: International Bird Survey

The International Bird Survey is being conducted by eBird organization biennially. Once in May and once in October. The aim is to gather information in the form of checklists of birds and share it to the environmental conservation and education institutes. The Cornell University Ornithology Lab, that holds world’s largest birds’ database helped in conducting the survey.

About the survey

  • “Go Out and Count the Birds” is the caption of the survey.
  • The survey invited every citizen in the world. It encouraged them to identify the birds in their area with the help of photos from their smartphones and enter the number of birds they see in the app created by eBird
  • The survey was begun by the Cornell Labs as “Great Backyard Bird Count”
  • The survey done in the month of May is the major survey. However, the survey done in October is equally important as this data is required to learn about the shifts in migration and species at risk.
  • According to the survey, India stood fourth in the first Big October Day and Andhra Pradesh stood fifth in the country.




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