Infections after COVID Vaccination

The Indian Council of Medical Research recently reported that around two to four of the ten thousand vaccinated people tested positive for the disease. This is referred to as “Breakthrough Infection”.

Key Findings of ICMR

  • According to ICMR, around 9.3 million have received the first dose of COVAXIN. Of this, 4,208 have tested positive, which is 0.02%. Of the 1.7 million who received the second dose, 695 tested positive, which is 0.04%.
  • Of the 100.3 million who received the first dose of COVIDSHIELD vaccine, 17,145 tested positive, which is 0.03%. Of the 15 million who received the second dose of COVISHIELD, 5,014 tested positive, which is 0.04%.

What are Breakthrough Infections?

  • A person who has COVID-19 antigen or RNA after 14 days of taking the vaccine is said to have Breakthrough Infection. In simple words, the Breakthrough infections are those infections that occur in people who are vaccinated.
  • This is common in any vaccine. In AstraZeneca Clinical Trials, thirty out of 5,807 tested positive after fourteen days of the second shot.
  • During trials COVID-19 vaccines have shown to be between 60% and 95% effective. In actual any vaccine is less effective than what is reported in trials.


  • According to WHO, no vaccine offers 100% protection from any disease. It takes two weeks for the body to build immunity after being vaccinated.
  • In the US, around 7% got COVID-19 infections after vaccination.

Why do Breakthrough Infections occur?

One main reason for the occurrence of the infection after vaccination is improper vaccination. This might occur due to injecting the vaccine in the wrong place. Weak Immunity and age also cause breakthrough infection.




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