India’s Response to new NSG Guidelines

We have discussed that in June, the NSG had decided to restrict export of enrichment and reprocessing technologies to countries that had signed the NPT. Consequently, it would deny India access to ENR technologies which it says is crucial for the three stage nuclear programme. The NSG decision has been a while coming, and despite India’s objections, the members went ahead with it.

  • Now, India is trying to exert a lot of diplomatic pressure to ensure its access to ENR remains unfettered.
  • In the clearest signal yet to the NSG, post its controversial June decision to tighten ENR technology exports, India has recently indicated that it would strictly follow the reciprocity principle in implementing legal obligations by countries which have signed nuclear agreements with India.
  • India is saying that since its waiver predated the ENR decision by NSG, the new decision would not apply to India.
  • Its worth note that India is seeking membership to the top four non-proliferation bodies — NSG, MTCR, Wassenaar and Australia groups.



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