India-US launched Hydrogen Task Force

According to US India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), India and United States has launched a hydrogen task force under “Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP)” which will boost India’s energy security efforts.

About US-India Hydrogen Task Force

  • This task force was launched by United States Department of Energy, Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and USISPF.
  • It will represent industry & government stakeholders and assess technology status, study innovative policy options & make recommendations.
  • This task force will bridge government research with unique industry perspectives which will help in reaching the goals of decarbonizing, high-polluting industrial sectors and achieving a greener & cleaner planet.
  • It will strengthen focused public, private cooperation between both the countries and make way for accelerated development & deployment of hydrogen energy technologies
  • It will bring industries and academy together with an aim of integrating private sector inputs to bring latest technology & adopt business models to develop and deploy hydrogen technologies.

Aim of the task force

US-India Hydrogen Task Force was constituted with the aim of serving as a forum to achieve affordable hydrogen solutions. It seeks to enhance energy security & resilience by boosting up low or zero-carbon hydrogen technologies & deployment.




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