Hebbal-Nagawara Valley Project

Citizens and Environmentalists are fighting against the proposal to clear over 6,000 trees in Singanayakanahalli to construct a lake under Hebbal-Nagawara Valley Project by Minor Irrigation Department in Karnataka.

Key Points

Forest Department, in a recent notification, proposed to felled 6,316 trees to develop Singanayakanahalli lake, Yelahanka hobli, because they are coming in way of this project.

Hebbal-Nagawara Valley Project

  • This project was launched with the aim of filling 65 tanks in Bengaluru Urban, Rural and Chickballapur.
  • Bagaluru lake was the first lake to receive treated water from this project.
  • The project was meant to act as an impounded reservoir to supply water in 11 other lakes in this region.
  • Direct use of treated water for drinking and agricultural purposes was prohibited but farmers were of the view that, project is increasing the water table.

What is the issue?

Activists are questioning the need and logic of removing such huge number of trees.

Hebbal Lake

The lake is located in Bangalore at the mouth of National Highway 7, near the junction of Bellary Road and Outer Ring Road. These lakes were created in 1537 by Kempe Gowda. It was formed by damming natural valley systems. It spreads over an area of 75 ha with plans for extending it up to 143 ha.


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